About Tesc-Hos

So you want to know more about Tesc-Hos? Good choice. Heres a FAQ type thingy that might help. It might just waste a few minutes of your life though. Please don't sue.

So what exactly is Tesc-Hos?

Tesc-Hos is a innovative (ha) new company. The aim is to enable you to 'hire' our 'staff' for various 'jobs'. The clue is in the Ho part of our name.

How did Tesc-Hos come about?

Erm. Random IRC madness. The concept was suggested and various names were suggested before we finally chose Tesc-Hos. A quick (cunningly edited) Tesc-Hos logo was made, which was then converted to a little animating pic which you can see on the main page. Then this rather rocking site was finally made.

What's all this WHOWFAP stuff about?

WHOWFAP stands for "We Hire Out Wl For Amazing Prices". Wl is our most profitable member of staff. Be sure to check her out.

Why the retro Spaced Invaders theme?

Tesc-Hos is an #invaders enterprise, so it seemed fitting to give it an invaders theme. Plus it looks nice.

You are just making up random questions to balance out each side of the page, aren't you?

No :(

I still don't understand. What is this site all about?

Oooh look over there, a cookie.


Tesc-Hos is an #invaders enterprise, in association with Chu3y Ltd. and Smesh Inc. © 2004